Whole Chicken

Our whole British chickens are delivered to us from our trusted producer three times per week ensuring the freshest of fresh chickens. They easily surpass all the other chickens (and believe me we have tried a few) we have tasted for both flavour and juiciness. We guarantee that you and your family will really enjoy these mouthwatering chickens

Weight Price Quantity
1.2 kg £5.50
1.9 kg £8.99

Cooking tips

Cook in a preheated oven at 190C/GM4/5
1.2 kilos: 60 minutes,
1.9 kilos 100 minutes.
Ensure the juices between the leg and breast run clear.


Size Large 1.9Kg Serves 4-6 (£8.99) Small 1.2Kg Serves 2-3 (£5.50)