Bakery & Pies

Our Steak Pies fought off the challenge of 250 competitors and were judged the
2017 2018 Scottish Craft Butcher Steak Pie Champion
Our Pies were according to Judge Jon Wilkinson of Abertay University the
Stand Out Winners
He commented “The crumbly pastry was the perfect attribute to the pies“Crisp but not dry or oily”
The winning factor for us was the succulent nature and quality of the steak
within the pie, including the steak to gravy ratio.
We felt this pie reflected well on one of Scotland’s national dishes and

From: £ 1.95 Steak Pie

Steak Pie

Best Steak Pie in Scotland
From: £ 3.15 Mince Round

Mince Round

From: £ 4.99 Chicken Ham & Pea Pie

Chicken Ham & Pea Pie

Perfect Chicken Perfect Pie
From: £ 1.99 Scotch Pie

Scotch Pie

Scotch Pie
From: £ 2.45 Sausage Roll

Sausage Roll

From: £ 1.95 Leith Bridies

Leith Bridies

" Better by far than the ones from Forfar",